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What is the Website Acceleration Suite?

What is the Website Acceleration Suite?


MEDIAMAKS UK CDN powers-up your websites further by feeding them through our Website Acceleration Suite. It’s included for no extra charge with our Web HostingWordPress HostingReseller Hosting and Managed VPS packages.

The module improves website load times by automatically implementing web performance best practices to a website. This includes optimising images, JavaScript minification and combining CSS – all to improve website load times and the Google PageSpeed Score. This in turn positively impacts SEO and helps you develop high-performing websites at scale.

To access Web Optimisation, head to Manage Hosting -> Manage -> Web Optimisation



For a full list of the optimisations head to the Web Optimisation section within the package to be optimised. You’ll be able to select the One Click Optimisation option to add the recommended settings.


If you have created a set of unique optimisations, you can save that as a template to apply to other sites. Please see: How do I create a Web Acceleration Suite template?


Understanding the Website Acceleration Suite

Each optimisation is referred to as a filteras is designed to directly complement the recommends/audits Google PageSpeed Insights performs on your websites. It’s avoids the need to manually carry out the recommended optimisations, helping your websites get the highest PageSpeed score possible.

Optimisations are done at the server level, this means you don’t need multiple plugins to optimise your sites. Reducing the number of plugins itself will improve the performance of PHP and result in faster load times!