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What is the difference between your Linux, WordPress and Windows web hosting platforms?

What is the difference between your Linux, WordPress and Windows web hosting platforms?

At MEDIAMAKS UK we maintain 3 different ‘platforms’ based on operating systems and software. The best platform for your site will depend mainly on what you’re wanting to host with us. Below, we’ve put together a quick summary of the differences between our platforms:

Web Hosting: Linux is the most common operating system for web hosting. You can run code compatible with PHP 5.3 through to 7.2, Perl and Ruby. If you’re ever in doubt, we recommend opting for our Linux platform. This platform is the traditional shared hosting platform, so the level of access you have will feel familiar and the majority of websites/scripts available today are designed to run in this environment.

WordPress Web Hosting: Our WordPress platform is optimised just for WordPress. As a result, we don’t permit any other software to run on this platform and have developed our own custom plugin – StackCache – that controls our edge caching to truly ‘turbo charge’ your website. The very nature of this platform means that there are a few restrictions compared to our standard hosting platforms: as this platform is built on PHP 7 OPcache, all plugins and scripts must be compatible with this version of PHP.

You aren’t able to host any content or scripts that are not WordPress-related in the webspace. Put simply, packages created on this platform should be viewed as a single ‘WordPress Install’. While we do support additional domain names and subdomains, they must point to the same WordPress install, so should be managed through a WordPress Network.

Windows Web Hosting: Windows is for you if your website requires ASP or ASP.net scripting support. It’s available on our Reseller Hosting package.


If you’re a MEDIAMAKS UK reseller you can move packages between all 3 of our platforms easily. So for example, if you’ve setup a WordPress site on Linux and now wish to migrate to the WordPress platform, head to the ‘Platform Transfer’ icon inside MEDIAMAKS UK to get started.