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Pages that receive a cache BYPASS

Pages that receive a cache BYPASS

There’ll always be some pages that you’ll rarely ever want to cache. On some of these pages, we have default rules to ensure a BYPASS response is received to prevent any expected behavior from breaking. Below is the list of subdomains and subdirectories that we’ll force a cache BYPASS on.

  • /shop.*
  • /cart.*
  • /my-account.*
  • /checkout.*
  • /addons.*
  • /wp-admin/
  • /xmlrpc.php
  • wp-.*.php

For example, if you were to update your checkout URL to be a different URL to /checkout, the page may then cache which could cause problems with its behaviour.

If you need to update one of these specific URLs, you’ll need to make sure you either set relevant cache-control directives in a .htaccess file OR add the new URL to the Exclusions list within StackCache (WordPress Admin > StackCache > Exclusions).