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I’ve reached my mailbox quota size. What can I do?

I’ve reached my mailbox quota size. What can I do?

With MEDIAMAKS UK all mailboxes have 10 GB of data storage. It’s unlikely that you should ever fill this unless you’re receiving a lot of spam, or have a lot of emails with large attachments.

All the emails and attachments you have in your mailbox are stored on a server, and each mailbox is given a specified amount of space on the server, 10 GB in the case of MEDIAMAKS UK. Once that space has been filled by email and data, you will no longer be able to receive emails.

To check your mailbox usage:

  • Log in to MEDIAMAKS UK and go to Email Accounts.
  • Locate your mailbox and the usage will be displayed next to it.


With MEDIAMAKS UK you have an option to upgrade each mailbox by an extra 10 GB.

To do so:

  • Head to Manage Hosting > Options > Manage >  Email Accounts.
  • Locate your mailbox with high usage.
  • Next to the mailbox, you should see the option to upgrade (+ 10 GB Quota – £9.99/yr).
  • Select this and check out to increase the mailbox by an additional 10 GB.