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Domain Contact Validation

Domain Contact Validation

Sometimes the Domain Registry requires the person registering the domain – the Registrant – to verify the contact details of their domain.


What is the verification process?

The verification process is a 15-day window during which a Registrant must provide a response to the verification email sent by the Registry. The email contains a link to a page displaying the Registrant contact details and the option to Verify Information.


What if domain contact validation is not completed?

Failure to respond to the Registry email will result in the suspension of the domain. This will lead to the website and the email service for the domain stopping.


How to I resend a verification email?


What information is being verified?

The Registry is verifying the First name, Last name and Email of the Registrant. If a domain is bought, transferred or updated, the Registry checks against the existing records to check if the new contact information needs to be verified.


What change will trigger the verification process for an existing domain?

Any change to the registrant contact information will trigger the verification process. An email will automatically be sent requesting verification of the newly updated details.