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Can I use the free SSL if my site doesn’t use the MEDIAMAKS UK nameservers?

Can I use the free SSL if my site doesn’t use the MEDIAMAKS UK nameservers?

Let’s Encrypt require the authoritative nameservers are set to our own to issue their Wildcard Certificates under the ACME DNS verification method – That is not something we control. There are however multiple benefits to applying a wildcard SSL to your hosting package:

  • Adding new subdomains will automatically be secured under the wildcard SSL. This makes maintaining and managing your websites certificates much easier as there’s no need to worry about applying and keeping track of multiple SSLs. (e.g. we’ll provision an SSL that covers *.example.com for your domain)
  • The wildcard SSL is also used to cover custom mail hostnames. If you want to use imap/smtp.yourdomain.com you can do so, just make sure the free SSL is applied to the hosting package and we’ll take care of the rest – mail will be sent and received over a secure connection.
  • These SSLs renew automatically every 90-days without any intervention or action being required, you can therefore rest assured that once you’ve applied the free SSL you’ll have the best chance to getting your website loading 100% via HTTPS.

How do I activate my free SSL?

If you’re unable to point the nameservers to our own, then you can use our Simple SSL which can be purchased from within your account: https://mediamaks.com/services/order-ssl