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Can I host subdomains on separate packages?

Can I host subdomains on separate packages?

You can create a subdomain as a primary hosting package at MEDIAMAKS UK. This allows you to host the subdomain separately from the main domain name, even on a different platform such as Linux, WordPress, Managed VPS or Windows.

For example, you can have example.com as a WordPress package, but sub.example.com as a Linux package.



DNS for both the main domain and subdomain is controlled from the main domain name’s Manage DNS section in the main domain name’s package. The Manage DNS section will not show on the subdomain package.







  • You won’t be able to create a subdomain if it already exists elsewhere in your account. So, if you want to add the subdomain as a package, it first needs removing from the main domains package if it already exists there.
  • If the subdomain exists as its own package you won’t be able to add it as a subdomain to the main domains package.
  • You may see the warning “You need to have DNS authority for example.com before you can add sub.example.com.” This means that another customer has a hosting package for example.com which has authority. At MEDIAMAKS UK we allow you to create a hosting package using a ‘domain reference’, i.e. a domain that’s not linked to any live DNS. In the case where two packages exist with the same name, we must give ‘authority’ to one of them. If you are seeing this warning it means another customer has authority over the domain name.